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102.7 Coyote Country is helping the CSN Coyote’s and YOU can help us make a difference.

Many CSN students, who are trying to better themselves, are having a tough time going to school and making ends meet. They need our help.

Simply put, it’s hard to learn when you’re hungry.

Our mission is to help reduce these food insecurities to give each student a better opportunity to succeed. Your donations will directly impact CSN’s diverse Las Vegas population and together, we can make a difference in a college student’s life today.

The College of Southern Nevada Coyote Cupboard is a free food pantry available for current CSN students and staff.

Help us fill the cupboards.

We’ve made it easy to help. Just click on the link to the Amazon Wish list for the campus where you’d like your donations to go, select the items that you would like to donate and Amazon will deliver them directly to the campus you’ve chosen.


Click here for CSN Coyote Henderson Pantry

Click here for CSN- Charleston Coyote Cupboard

Click here for CSN – NLV Coyote Cupboard