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Kids beware, because one mom in Johannesburg, South Africa, pranked her son the BEST way possible!

Hester Greeff asked her 20-year-old son to make her daily cup of coffee, but after refusing to do it, Hester fired back by scaring him.

She dressed up as Pennywise from the classic horror flick IT and hid inside the trash bin as her unsuspecting son took out the trash. 20-year-old Ruan is deathly afraid of clowns, so Ruan was the perfect victim for this prank.

“We never prank each other but this started with me not making her a cup of coffee. I could not believe it,” said Ruan, in an interview. “The first time I watched IT, I had a nightmare the same night. The next time I went to a funfair I was chased by a clown for a joke and I just started screaming.”

After Hester posted her prank on Facebook the video instantly went viral with over a 1.7 million views!

“I haven’t planned anything yet, but I will get my mum back,” said Ruan.