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Jeff & Aimee in the Morning

Weekdays 5:00am - 10:00am

Today, marks the two-year anniversary of Jeff & Aimee in the morning. We LOVE waking you up every morning on your way to work. A lot has happened within our two years, so what better way than to rewind the clock and see how far we’ve come along!

102.7 The Coyote on Facebook Watch

We're live We're live. Hey what's going on Facebook we are very very big announcement coming your way just about two minutes away actually I'm really excited. I'm a little nervous I'm Super excited Don't be don't be too excited I'm afraid I'm making this a bigger deal than it is That's it my work.

Jeff & Aimee Sing Luke Combs' "Beautiful Crazy" With Somerset Academy's Choir

Jeff & Aimee in the Morning recently visited Ms. Holly's choir class at Skypointe Somerset Academy. But, this visit wasn't any normal visit, it was for a spe...