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When I was pregnant with Jayden my friend told me that I would never be just ‘mom’ because so many other titles come with that one word.

Are you a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a stepmom, maybe a mom of an angel baby, how about a single mom?!  Throughout your life as Mom, you will be one or all of these. Not one is harder than the other. Being a MOM is hard.

One of the hats I find the hardest to wear is when I have to take a back seat.

Why is it so hard when they need me for everything but equally as hard when they don’t need me at all?

We are needed for different things at different times in their life. Accepting that is hardest for me.

But remember whatever the title you have today.. you are blessed to have the job God has given you. It is the one job that comes with no training, no instructions. You just do it and you’re expected to do it well. We are all just trying to do the best job we can with our little.. or big humans. So if you see a mom at the park, a sporting event or school pick up and think to yourself.. how does she have it all together and I don’t? Odds are she doesn’t and just maybe she’s saying the same thing about you.

So be kind to yourself, Mom.

People ask all the time what is the hardest part or hardest age (being that I have a teenager and a toddler) I think it’s all hard. When one thing gets easier a new hard is right around the corner, especially with your first. You are learning how to do things together. Growing up together. Walking, talking, potty training. How about when your teenager is trying to balance friends, school, sports, and YOU! Be kind to them. Love them with your whole heart and also forgive them with your whole heart too.

This mothers day, do what makes YOU happy. If it’s with your kids or without them. Go out to eat, or have cereal in bed. Sleep in or wake up early and have your coffee in silence. Don’t worry about the dishes or do them. Whatever you do, remember to be easy on yourself on Mother’s Day and every day. Us moms with however many hats you’re wearing today are all in this together. Remember some people pray every day to have this tantrum-filled, chaotic life. We are blessed to be able to be celebrated today.

Happy Mother’s Day!