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Man, this was a serious party. What a great group of amazing people that love Jeff and Emily and came to celebrate.

They got married on April, 30th, 2022 right here in Las Vegas. It was a beautiful evening surrounded by friends and family. On Jeff’s groomsmen side, you’ve got his Best Man, Alex Parker, a friend from childhood. Pankaj Agarwal and Tyler Eckstein, also two friends from elementary school. Then Cormac Dennehy and Kyle Fenton, two friends from college. Then comes the brothers, Mark Keenehan, Jeff’s brother-in-law who is married to his sister and Alesio Rios, Emily Rios’ twin brother and Jeff’s soon-to-be brother-in-law. Then last but most definitely not least, Kyle Peterson, Jeff’s first friend.

The on Emily’s side, her bridesmaids consist of her Matron of Honor, Tina Leady, her closest friend from college. Then her three sisters, Amy Reyes, Alexis Manley and Helena Dashek. Then her childhood friend, Emily Grant plus her teaching friend Madonna Hakim. Then we cannot forget the amazing Aimee Thomas, our very own from¬†Jeff & Aimee In The Morning. Finally, Jeff’s sister, Emily’s now sister-in-law,¬†Kelly Keenehan.

Tell us how many times you spot Aimee in this party pictures!!