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No, it wasn’t HIS bachelor party but boy was it fun! Check out some of his photos here.

Along with six others, Jeff flew out to Lake Tahoe for the weekend to celebrate his friend, Mike. He is set to get married in Las Vegas in June so in order to celebrate his up coming nuptials, all the boys rented an AirBNB and enjoyed a day on the water.

Now, has anyone ever flown into Reno/Tahoe airport? Because BOY was it bumpy. Getting bumped around left and right the final fifteen minutes of the flight were VERY rough. But even though it was a tough start to the weekend, it was a fun packed one!


The Itinerary:

-Tacos for Cinco de Mayo!

-Costco Shopping Run (obviously)

-Ride on Lake Tahoe, Booze Cruise Style

-Bar Crawl in downtown South Lake Tahoe


Also, make sure you scroll all the way to the last photo because Jeff, when having a lot of fun, thinks he found his doppelgänger… do you think he’s right at all?