Family is so important to Jeff and Aimee. Aimee is a mom of two boys and a stepdaughter and Jeff has said many times, that one thing he’s known for his whole life is that he wants to be a dad.

With the help of Nevada Fertility Center, Jeff and Aimee and Coyote Country were given the amazing opportunity to bless a couple in Las Vegas with a baby!

When Jeff called Nevada Fertility Center and asked if they would be on board to help us with this big dream, they quickly said YES and we were on our way to collect emails from couples around the Valley looking to start their IVF journey and be Blessed With A Baby! Infertility is something that isn’t talked about enough and we quickly realized that so many people endure the heartbreak month after month of infertility.

What a deserving couple and family the Dimmicks are. Hope is a nurse at an OB office and Michael is a police officer. After trying to start a family on their own and being unsuccessful, they made a doctor’s appointment to try to get some answers only to find out Hope had endometriosis. Another set back when they found out that their health insurance wouldn’t cover IVF and they were back to square one. Michael’s mom Jennifer was the one who wrote the letter and it touched all of our hearts. (Read Jennifer’s letter below) How much love this family has for each other is beautiful to see and it’s an honor to be a small piece of their journey in starting a family.

“Your Dream is Our Drive”

Nevada Fertility Center has so much love and compassion for this community and it shows in their work and how excited they are to help Hope and Michael start their family! Dr. Peterson and Dr. Foulk take pride in the compassionate and personalized care they give to each one of their patients. When you walk into Nevada Fertility Center you automatically become family.

Contact Them

Phone: 702-867-2817
Fax: 702-892-9666

Hours of Operation

M – F 8:30am – 4:30pm


5320 S Rainbow Blvd Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Jennifer’s Letter:

Hi, My name is Jennifer Dimmick. My daughter in law name is Hope Richardson Dimmick. Hope has always wanted to be a mom, she has talked about when my son and she both started dating. My son is a metro officer, and Hope works with pregnant women all day long as a nurse. Hope has found out she has endometriosis. Seems to be she does not ovulate, and she was on Clomid. Through all this, the two of them have been positive. They had an appointment scheduled for the fertility DR and were called the night before saying the insurance they BOTH have does not cover anything, They both cried their eyes that evening. Hope shared that with me the next morning. How could a nurse and a cop not have any insurance that would cover it? They were heartbroken. I was told my son said he was going to sell his brand new truck, they were thinking of ways to tighten their belt. The bottom line is they would make great parents and they both would love to have a baby of their own. I am Michael Dimmick’s mom, and it would be a blessing to have my son and Hope picked. We have talked as a family and I heard this earlier this morning, I pray this might just be the answer they need. Please help my daughter-in-law and my son Michael & Hope Dimmick. Thank you coyote country. We love the country music you play every day.

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