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The hero and creator of the memorial crosses for Route 91 victims has passed away from cancer on Monday, his family confirmed via their GoFundMe campaign.

Greg Zanis is a retired carpenter and first made headlines here in Las Vegas for creating memorial crosses for victims of the Las Vegas Route 91 mass-shooting.

Zanis first started creating crosses when his father was murdered in 1996. Three years later he made national news for delivering a truckload of crosses to the victims of the Columbine shooting.

The heartfelt decision would inspire his Crosses For Losses campaign. He’s delivered 20,000 memorial crosses to victims of mass-shootings. It was Zanis’ way of introducing Jesus Christ’s message of peace and love to families in their darkest hour, according to The Chicago Tribune.

His family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with funeral costs and financial recovery.

Recently, he was honored with a drive-by visitation in his home at Aurora, Illinois.