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Sometimes loved ones tell us tall tales, but this one, I still might actually believe.

My grandfather was my world until he passed away back in 2003. I was only ten-years old. I was blessed to live next door to him and my grandmother. When I would “run away from home” I would just go to Nana and Pop’s house with one toy, one blanket and one knock at the door.


My grandfather was a Staff Sergeant in the Army during World War II. He didn’t discuss much at all about his service, or at least that I’m old enough to remember but he did tell me one thing.


He told me that he killed Hitler.


Yes. You read that correctly. Now, my grandfather had an incredible sense of humor. I always looked up to him and believed everything he ever told me. Usually, my grandmother was in the room to say, “oh Jeffrey, don’t listen to him he’s pulling your leg!” But, for some reason, she wasn’t in the room the time he told me this. He never told me otherwise so… I still live my life believing there might be a little truth in it.


Jokes aside, I doubt it’s true, but I still love and miss my grandfather every single day. I appreciate him for his service to our country. Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and are currently serving, GOD BLESS!