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You have to see what it looks like to even believe it. Trust me.

Van Leeuwen’s Kraft mac and cheese ice cream isn’t a prank at all.


The Today Show tried it LIVE on the air!

Mac N' Cheese Ice Cream? Hoda And Jenna Try It

Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, so on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, the ladies take a taste of a new flavor that's getting a lot of buzz: mac n' cheese ice crea...


Here’s Colbert’s reaction, it’s amazing!!

Meanwhile... Does Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Threaten Colbert's Dessert Dominance?

Meanwhile... Ice cream titan Stephen Colbert weighs in on the unusual new flavor collaboration between Kraft and Van Leeuwen. #Colbert #Comedy #MeanwhileSubs...


Would you ever actually try this???