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Jeff & Aimee are giving a hats off to an Ohio hospital!

St. James Cancer Treatment and Research Center at Ohio State University hosted a wedding so that one of their patients battling stage four lung cancer can attend, according to WCMH.

Carley Auddino and her fiancé planned for a June 5 wedding, however, as Auddino’s mother’s condition worsened they had a change of plans.

“She has fought so long and so hard and she wanted to be at this wedding, so I wanted to do everything in my power to do something that she could be part of,” said Auddino in an interview with NBC affiliate WCMH.

So, with the help of the incredible team at St. James Cancer Treatment and Research Center Auddino’s mother saw her daughter walk down the aisle by her hospital bed.

“That was very, very special for me to be there, it will definitely go down in history as like one of my most important special moments that I’ve ever been a part of,” said Polly Sellers, Auddino’s childhood friend.