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Jeff & Aimee are tipping their hats to a 94-year-old grandma!

Grace Lee McClure Smith celebrated her high school graduation 79 years after she dropped out of high school. The special honorary ceremony was put together by one of McClure Smith’s grandchildren.

The Alabama grandma originally dropped out of high school when she was 16 in 1942 after her husband went off to fight in World War II.

“I am so grateful,” McClure Smith told WAAY-TV. “It’s better late than never, isn’t it?”

Little did McClure Smith know that her granddaughter Erin Wilson was helping put together her grandma’s special day.

“She never ever mentioned regretting anything in life. She would never take it back because she absolutely loved my grandfather and that was just what she wanted to do, but I think this was very important to her,” said Wilson in an interview with WAAY-TV.

Although McClure Smith dropped out of high school education was still near and dear to her.

“She came back and for more than 30 years, she drove a school bus in Madison County, she served our students and got them safely to school and safely home for 30 years,” said school official Tim Hall.

94-year-old Alabama woman graduates high school after putting her education on hold in 1942

A 94-year-old Alabama woman received an honorary high school diploma after putting her education on hold in 1942. Congratulation to Grace Lee McClure Smith!