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Jeff & Aimee are giving a Hats Off to a teacher from Boutte, Louisiana!

Teacher John Butler, from Hahnville High School, did the most selfless act by lending one of his students the shoes off his feet.

“Daverius came up to me in a panic and he said, ‘Mr. John, they’re not going to let me graduate.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Because of the shoes that I’m wearing,'” said Butler in an interview with CBS news.

The sneakers that student Daverius Peters was wearing didn’t meet the graduation dress code, so he was barred from walking.

“It was just a no-brainer to me to just take my shoes off and give them to him,” said Butler. The helping hand from Butler did not go unnoticed!

I just slipped them on like slippers” said Peters. He told CBS News that, in that moment, “I felt the joy. The whole day, I couldn’t wait to 6 o’clock, couldn’t wait to get ready to graduate across the stage.”