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The Friday Flowers Delivery is back thanks to our friends at English Garden Florist!

Today, Tamra nominated her Friend Lara. She’s such a strong person that’s gone through so much. Lara is an amazing mom, wife and kind human being.

When Aimee surprised Tamra she was in absolute tears! Watch the special surprise.

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Read Tamra’s full letter below:


Today I want to let you know how much you mean to me and how I truly adore and admire you! I want to give you a glimpse of what I have seen in the woman who has stood by my side for over 30 years!

I see the most selfless, beautiful soul of a woman who has gone above and beyond to help and be there for those in need despite what you have endured, I admire you!

I watched you go through heart surgery and yet you got up and out of your bed to chase me down to console me and ensure me you were going to be okay; I adore you!

I watched you have two beautiful babies that brought you so much life and joy which gave you such an amazing sparkle and glow, I adore and admire you!

I watched you go through losing your 2-year-old son Colby Lee and you fall apart and drop to your knees and crumble asking and questing God why! You were so devastated and emotionally distraught, but yet you knew you had a 4-month-old baby girl Ryleigh who still needed you, so you pulled yourself together, the best you could, to be there for her, while continuing to work 2 jobs, “NOW” that is what I call an amazing mother and I admire you!

I watched you become incredibly happy with your fiancée whom you love very much, but yet watched you go through heartbreak when you found out he has cancer and is fighting for his life.

Yet through all of life’s struggles and tragedies you still found time to listen and be there for me when I no longer wanted to be in this world, you saved my life! You have and still love me unconditionally without any question, judgment, or hesitation and yet you wonder why I say you are my guardian angel? My friend, if only you could see what I see in you, you have such a beautiful heart, soul, and spirit and so full of love that you do not give yourself enough credit for!

Friend, you are so beautiful inside and out and I just wanted you to know how much I truly adore, admire, and love you and to tell you, God does not give us things we cannot handle and you my friend, have been handed many challenges and you are still continuing to smile and stay strong.


Your best friend always and forever!