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Jeff & Aimee are giving a Hats Off to a young hero!

Eight-year-old Jaxson Demsey saved his one-year-old sister’s life from choking on a nugget. Jaxson actually learned the heimlich maneuver after watching an episode of The Substitute on Nickelodeon.

In that episode, WWE superstar John Cena dresses up as a substitute teacher and teaches kids how to do life-saving aid on a medical dummy.

“It made me feel scared because I thought she was going to die. But then this thing came into my mind. I told my dad to pull over and I started to pat her back,” said Jaxson in an interview with ABC WNEP.

After his story aired, John Cena reached out to praise Jaxson!

Watch the life-saving story below:

Second Grader Plays Hero to Baby Sister

Second Grader Plays Hero to Baby Sister

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