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Jeff & Aimee are tipping their hats to an Ohio man!

An Ohio man spent $4,000 to pay it forward for people’s orders at a local Dunkin’ in Beavercreek, Ohio, according to WHIO.

“Food, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, you name it. It was all free,” said store manager Samantha Owens, in an interview with WHIO.

The anonymous man tried to buy a $1,000 gift card through the drive-thru, however, due to the amount workers told him he had to go inside to purchase it. Once the man went inside he upped his total to a whopping $4,000 in Dunkin’ gift cards!

“He had really just wanted to explain how rough the year was and how he wanted to do any way he could to pay it forward, and this was his best way to pay it forward,” said Owens.

The good deed paid for more than 300 people’s orders!