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Jeff & Aimee are giving a Hats Off to a third-grader!

Jada Holmes attends Mountainview Elementary in Waco, Texas. While Jada and her mom Christa DeBose-Holmes walked out of the mall on her ninth birthday, Jada would get a surprise from a homeless woman.

“We were coming out of the mall on her birthday and a lady stopped her and gave her money. The lady gave her $20 and I tried to tell her we couldn’t possibly take it and she said ‘no, no, no.’ She was so happy and told Jada that someone had just given her $100,” said Christa in an interview with KWTX.

By the time Jada and her mom got into their car, Jada was already thinking of ways to pay it forward. The two raised $150 for pizza and drinks for the homeless, according to KWTX.

On February 25, Jada and her mom hosted “Pizza My Heart” to give back to the homeless.

“I wanted to help the community with Pizza My Heart Day because the homeless lady was nice to me on my birthday,” Jada explained.

Although Jada and her mom couldn’t give much what they did give back did not go unnoticed.

“I honestly felt a little bad because we only had pizza and apples and oranges and everyone kept saying, ‘I can’t remember the last time we had pizza,” said Jada.