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Jeff & Aimee are giving a Hats Off to a family in Texas!

Delivery Driver Chelsea Timmons did her last delivery before the great Austin, Texas winter storm hit, according to CNN.

While not wanting to walk up a steep snowy driveway Timmons decided to drive up there in her car.

Unfortunately, Timmons’ car started to roll into the house’s garden area. To make things worse, AAA could not help her since its service was swamped with other drivers affected by the winter storm.

Any efforts to push the car out of the garden did not go well. So, homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson let Tommins stay at their house for 5 days until the storm passed through.

“They invited me inside and of course, at that point, I was just feeling very awkward coming into a stranger’s home. But they were super kind,”  Timmons told CNN. “When they invited me in, I sat with my mask in their kitchen for about two hours.”

Thankfully, the silver lining for Timmons was huge!

“I found out my apartment lost water, lost power, so being ‘stuck here’ actually turned out to be a better situation. Most of my family lost electricity for several days.”

Condon and Richardson both said that Timmons is part of the family now.

“We would hope that if our daughters were in a situation similar to Chelsea, that there would be someone that would treat to treat them like we treated Chelsea,” said Richardson. “I don’t think we ever thought twice about it.”