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Jeff & Aimee tip their hats to an amazing 70-year-old grandpa. Listen to his Hats Off story at 11:59.

Frank Rothwell became the oldest person to row across the Atlantic Ocean, according to the BBC. He started his voyage off the Canary Islands on December 12th and finished it on February 6th.

Rothwell dedicated his journey to Alzheimer’s research and his brother-in-law, who passed away from the illness.

“While rowing, I received heart-breaking messages from people who have had similar experiences to my own, with my brother-in-law, Roger, so I hope I’ve helped other families in some way too,” said Rothwell, in an interview with the BBC.

His journey for Alzheimer’s research helped raise almost $1 million dollars. Rothwell took part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.