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Jeff & Aimee in the Morning is giving a Hats Off to one Nevada veteran!

Marine Veteran Howard McField from Reno has been making secret donations to the Disabled American Veterans vans (DAV). McField tints the windows for the DAV vans with his company Mac’s Window Tinting, according to KTNV.

The vans take veterans to their VA appointments for free and through McField’s secret donations they are able to ride comfortably.

“Some of these folks travel 4 or 5 hours and then they don’t have any comfort from that sun. So now, I feel as though I’ve done something good.” said McField, in an interview with KTNV.

After years of making secret donations, McField decided to reveal himself. He wanted to personally thank his customers for their business and making the donations possible.

The reason why he kept it a secret is that he didn’t want customers to feel the need to keep asking him to do the work.