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Jeff & Aimee in the Morning are giving a Hats Off to Lowe’s!

Jaxon Maples from Springfield, Missouri, is a special boy because he absolutely loves household appliances. The 4-year-old autistic boy has been drawn to fans, washers and drawers since birth.

“It’s kind of crazy because my son has never been attracted to what a lot of kids are interested in, like going to Chuck E. Cheese or Incredible Pizza,” said Jaxon’s mom, Shauna Rippee. “He wants to go to Lowe’s.”

Jaxon’s love for Lowe’s has even gotten to the point where his parents have to avoid driving past it while doing errands. However, it’s also Jaxon’s safe place.

“When you have a child who is autistic and he is on the spectrum, he can have massive meltdowns,” said Rippee, in an interview with the Springfield News-Leader. “We are so thankful that we know how to calm him down before it gets into a really bad situation. We just get in the car and go to Lowe’s.”

Shauna reached out to the corporate offices at Lowe’s to see if they can give Jaxon a red Lowe’s vest.

Lowe’s went the extra mile and made Jaxon an honorary associate and gave him a Lowe’s bucket full of Lowe’s swag.

“My team was really inspired by his story and his connection to Lowe’s,” said Manager Marty Davis, in an interview with the Springfield News-Leader. “We tried to make it a special day for him. There’s so much going on in this world right now. He made our Saturday at Lowe’s.”