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When all else fails, you can always rely on your friendly neighbor to lend a helping hand!

Jeff & Aimee in the Morning is highlighting Virile Heart & Heritage barbershop after they stepped in to help WÜRSTBAR in New Jersey.

“We decided as a team that we would close until every employee exposed or not has been tested and can return to work confident in their safety, and equally as important, our guests’ safety,” read  WÜRSTBAR’s Instagram post.

However, Virile barbers saved the day for its neighbors from down the street.

“Virile barbershop is taking over Wurstbar today to help the quarantined staff,” read WÜRSTBAR’s Instagram post.

“The weather is too nice out to let our neighbors at Wurstbar stay closed! I’ve taken over the bar and am selling PRETZLES, beer, wine and cider for outdoor seating only. Come on by and support this great staff,” said Virile Barber Andre Fersa.

“We love this community and couldn’t ask for better neighbors. Let’s not forget barbershops and salons were hit just as hard as restaurants during the shutdown,” read WÜRSTBAR’s Instagram post.