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As expected, the 2020 Presidential Election is keeping Americans anxious awaiting the results. However, there is one little act of kindness that Jeff & Aimee in the Morning are giving a Hats Off to!

Tim Place, who lives in Washington County, Wisconsin, had his Biden Harris 2020 political sign stolen from his front yard, according to Fox 6.

“You look around the neighborhood, I think there’s one other Biden sign,” said Place. “We need to be more civil with each other. We noticed one day that the Biden sign is gone.”

After getting his political sign stolen he got a replacement from an unlikely source.

Trump supporter Josh Schoemann lives just a few houses down from Place’s house.

“l thought, ‘that’s just not right,'” said Schoemann. “Although we are Trump supporters, we love our neighbors and want them to be able to exercise their freedom of speech just like everybody else.”

When enough was enough, Schoemann and his son took it upon themselves to replace the sign.

“I was very appreciative and said thank you, and said it’s amazing, in these times, you could do something like that,” said Place.

The kind act brought the two neighbors together for the first time!

“It was just heartwarming that neighbors even in the midst of a very contentious campaign can still treat each other with love and respect,” said Schoemann.

President Trump supporter replaces neighbor's stolen Biden sign

The gesture brought two people from different sides of the political spectrum closer together -- including the Washington County executive -- as the race to ...