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Jeff & Aimee are tipping their hats to a teen who’s scientific research could lead to a COVID-19 cure.

14-year-old Anika Chebrolu from Texas has discovered a molecule that selectively binds with spike protein from COVID-19, according to Business Wire. Selectively binding with the spike protein from COVID-19 would possibly stop entry to the cell.

Chebrolu and a scientist acting as a mentor from 3M worked together for this groundbreaking research. Her discovery has awarded her $25,000 dollars in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

The young eighth-grader screened millions of molecules with drug-likeness traits, ADMET properties and binding effectiveness using software programs.

Chebrolu’s research is being used as a frontrunner drug research that treats COVID-19.

“Science is the basis of life and the entire universe and we have a long way to go understand it fully,” said Chebrolu, in a Yahoo interview. “How I develop this molecule further with the help of virologists and drug development specialists will determine the success of these efforts.”

3MYSC Submission - Molecular Docking Study of Hemagglutinin Protein to Develop Anti- Influenza Drug

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