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Most graffiti is offensive and gets removed but this vandalism is getting a lot of hilarious looks that people are loving!

Jeff & Aimee talked about Bowmont Park in Calgary, Canada, that was recently hit with fake historic plaques.

One plaque read “Benjy, the first hamster to fly solo around the world, took off from this spot in April 1937.”

The righteous hero that left the plaques would become an instant hit with the City of Calgary!

“Earlier this week, it came to our attention that someone had installed bench plaques at Bowmont Park. Due to our policy around commemorative plaques and graffiti, we removed them,” said city officials via Twitter. “But we heard from Calgarians that you loved the sayings and you wanted them to stay.”

“Listening to what’s important to Calgarians is part of our job. If we can make changes for a better outcome, that’s what we’ll do,” said city officials via Twitter.