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Just because someone is born with a disability that doesn’t mean they’re disabled from succeeding in life.

Jordan Reeves from Columbia, Missouri, was born with an arm that stopped developing past her elbow. Her disability would then give birth to her superhero transformation.

The 14-year-old invented a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter and dubbed it “Project Unicorn”. Jordan got her inspiration at ten-years-old when she attended a STEM workshop that encourages kids born with disabilities to think creatively and succeed in life.

The 3D printed unicorn horn design was featured on TEDxShark Tank, and The Rachel Ray Show.

“Project Unicorn” would then kickstart the nonprofit Born Just Right, which encourages inclusivity for kids born with disabilities.

Jordan’s success got her featured on Marvel’s Superhero Project, LEGO’s Rebuild the World and even published a book!

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