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Garth Brooks found a way last night (9/28) during his weekly Facebook Live chat Studio G to perform for fans live and hear the applause coming right back at him.

Garth performed a few songs as did his wife Trisha Yearwood in front of a virtual studio audience…each person attending safely from home…but all there for him to interact with in a colorful sea of monitors and screens, each filled with a smiling face.

Brooks said before he performed, “If this thing goes like I’m hoping it’s going to go, this is going to become the future. I’m fired up.” After his performance, he said of the applause, “A sound I haven’t heard in so long!”

Trisha Yearwood got into the action performing her new song “I’ll Carry You Home.” After she sang her emotion in her voice was evident saying, “You’re the first audience – live audience – that I’ve gotten a chance to sing in front of, and so it’s like…it’s just…I just…this is a really cool thing.”