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What were some of your favorite toys growing up? Did your favorite toy make it to the National Toy Hall of Fame?!

12 finalists have been revealed for this year’s National Toy Hall of Fame. It includes memorable toys like: Tamagotchi, Jenga, Lite-Brite, Sorry!, My Little Pony, Risk, Baby Nancy, bingo, Breyer Horses, Masters of the Universe, and Yahtzee, according to the Strong National Museum of Play.

Each of these toys “greatly influenced the world of play,” said Vice President for Collections Christopher Bensch, in an interview.

“These 12 toys represent the wide scope of playthings—from simple sidewalk chalk that has its roots in ancient times to Baby Nancy, which proved a turning point in the representation of race in dolls, to the more recent, highly innovative Tamagotchi,” said Bensch.

People can vote for their favorite toy from Sept. 9th to the 16th., for the “Player’s Choice” ballot. Click HERE to vote.

The top 3 from the list will get inducted into the Hall of Fame along with the top 3 choices from members of the National Selection Advisory Committee.

Final inductees will be announced at 10:30am on Nov. 5th.