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Honestly, I have to say, all of the love and support from Las Vegas has been amazing. Thank you.

I was so blessed to grow up next door to my grandparents. Anyone who knows what it’s like to raise kids, you need help. However, think about it from my perspective. I had two amazing grandparents less than fifty yards away every single day. I was named after my Dad’s dad and tried every day to live up to him. I would run over there after to school to sync up our watches together. I would bring my baseball glove over to play catch. I would do every thing I could to be just like him.

He passed away in October of 2003, I was 10 years old.


That left my grandmother, affectionately called “Nana,” all by herself in that big house. However, as she got older, her memory began to fade and my parents knew that before long, she would move into our house. We moved to a bigger house down the street in 2008 and right before my sister went to college, my grandmother moved in. I was 15 years old.

She helped raise me, I helped take care of her. She was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, a disease that truly is heartbreaking to watch. However, we still played Scrabble together, we laughed and cried, we sang and danced to Frank Sinatra and, as a teenager, I took care of her. It’s a blessing I never thought I would have.


I moved to Cleveland in 2015 and then Vegas in 2018. Being far from home for that long, not seeing her every single day, I started to then notice how terrible this disease. Even though, in the last couple years, she may not have remembered who I was, she was always happy to see a smiling face looking at her. We would hug and kiss, we would smile and laugh, every single time I visited.

On Saturday, July 18th, she passed away peacefully at my parent’s house.

I won’t ever forget that call from my Dad. I was crushed. He was crushed. Even though, we know for sure she is happier now at peace with her husband up in Heaven, selfishly it hurts to have someone leave us here on earth.

My amazing girlfriend, Emily, and I dropped everything and took a red-eye flight out to Maryland to be with my family for the week. Aimee picked up everything in studio, no questions asked. She’s an amazing teammate and friend.

Thank you all for your love and support in the difficult time but boy am I glad to be back with you all!