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When Keith Urban played a drive-in show outside of Nashville for healthcare workers in their cars, it wasn’t a one-off. He is planning more of those types of shows in the future and hopes to take it on the road. He told Billboard, “We’re going to figure it out. I’m not going to stay home!”

Urban explains, “We’re in the midst of talking about how and where and when and all the rest of it. I think there’s even potential other modes that haven’t been explored yet. I’m interested in all of it right now. I tell you one thing, this has brought out an extraordinary creativity in a lot of people of how to do things, how to rethink the way we approach so much of what we do. A lot of us have gotten crazy creative in the last few months. Necessity is the mother of invention.”

So is he planning on a full band? Not necessarily, he says, “I could equally have done it with my bass player and my drummer and done it as a raw three-piece. That’s potential. I can do a solo. I could easily play an hour and a half or more solo. I’ve got a lot of ways to do it. I love the idea of track situation because it gives this big massive full sound out front with two guys on stage. It’s not only the guys on stage, it’s the crew it takes to set all the extra guys’ stuff up too. Keeping it lean and mean and to a minimum, I think it’s the way to move it around the country.”