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Coyote Music News

Jason Aldean has been nominated three times for a Grammy, but has yet to win one.

As this year’s Grammy nominations were announced this morning (11/20), Aldean’s name didn’t make the list, but as he told us, getting a Grammy is one of the things he wants for sure. He said, “I’ve never won a Grammy. I’d love to have one of those, you know.”

“I just feel like to me that the basis of it all is that I’m just I’m still a fan of music. I didn’t get into this to get famous or make a lot of money or whatever. When I first started this, it was because I love playing music and it was fun and it was a hobby.”

He adds, “I still love going out and seeing what we can come up with in the studio and I still enjoy making those records. And as far as playing live, I mean, that’s always kind of been my favorite part of the whole thing. I guess it would be easy to kind of walk away and not never have to mess with it again but that doesn’t seem very fun. I still love getting on the bus and going out on the road with my band. I like to see people’s excitement when we show up to play a show.”