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Halloween Tips and Tricks

The bar selections can make or break any party, and when it comes to Halloween, going the extra mile to have a specialty cocktail on hand can really make things memorable…or unmemorable depending if you have a drink or three too many.

With many Halloween parties likely taking place, here are five spooky Halloween cocktails that will surely make your guests howl at the moon.  Enjoy!


Liquid Ghost

If you enjoy dessert-style cocktails, a Liquid Ghost, featuring cream, vodka and vanilla simple syrup, is perfect for you.

How To Make A Liquid Ghost Cocktail | Halloween Cocktail Recipe | Epic Guys Bartending

Liquid Ghost is a creamy and sweet elixir to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Vodka, cream, and vanilla work together like melted ice cream! Halloween Drinks are fabulous! Great Halloween Drink Halloween Drinks Halloween Cocktail Halloween Cocktails


El Diablo

A tequila-based cocktail, an El Diablo also contains ginger ale and cassis, a sweet liqueur made from blackcurrants. If you enjoy a stronger ginger taste, use ginger beer instead.


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The Vampire Kiss

Getting its color from Midori and grenadine, The Vampire Kiss contains vodka, pineapple juice and whipped cream.


THE VAMPIRE KISS is a Halloween cocktail this spooky cocktails contains: 37.5ml Midori 25ml Vodka 75ml Pineapple Juice 37.5ml Cream shake and strain over ice and drizzle grenadine over If you enjoy please smash the like button to show your is appreciated a lot!


The Skull Eyeball

A very elaborate cocktail heavy on presentation, The Skull Eyeball contains citrus vodka, blue curacao, lemonade and tonic.

The Skull Eyeball Cocktail - Tipsy Bartender

Visit It's Halloween time! Check out the skulls in this drink! The drink also glows in the dark! Here's the recipe: MORE VIDEOS & RECIPES:


Black Widow Shot

What’s a Halloween party without a signature shot?! The Black Widow shot is rimmed with red sanding sugar and contains cranberry juice and black vodka.

How To Make A Black Widow Shot | Halloween Cocktail Recipe | Epic Guys Bartending

The Black Widow Shot is a great Halloween Party Shot. Regardless of whether you like Halloween Drinks, Shots go down quick and they are out of the way. Make a batch and keep them cold! Your guests will love these! Halloween Drinks Halloween Cocktails

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